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Thanks Tony Sandall. I was pleased to find you are on facebook and have a new book!! Years ago I was lucky enough to have a copy of your original book “Horse Breaking” given to me by my aunt – a wonderful horsewoman who over the years started many children’s ponies (and horses) in the Kaikoura area. I used your book as a guideline for my own young horses and found it to be very practical and helpful. I very much look forward to catching up with your book “Educating Horses” – Jo

Growing up in the Nelson district and riding at Pony Club we all knew that if there was a Tony Sandall horse about, it could jump and would have manners . Reckon if I went online to Nelson photo news, might find the odd picture or two. – Rosemary

Katherine – I have always been a fan of yours since one of my earlier trainers recommended your book and methods he followed many years ago. You met him in Takaka he came to see you. I’m so pleased to see you on here Tony Sandall and I will be buying your latest book. Will definitely share your page. thank you. K

Sheryl – A great initiative Tony….we never stop learning..thanks for the friend request

Florence – This is a proven ‘old’ way of handling a horse and if done correctly is not a problem. Thousands of horses have been handled like this and have not suffered any bad effects. There are more than one way to skin a cat! Good on you Tony.

Tess – It make life far easier & less dangerous for farriers & anyone handling the horse. They only fight against themselves, it’s up to them how much. Most horses should be roped in the proper manner as in this photo, to learn manners & respect.

Trevor … very nice to see the old school ways are still alive well done Tony for keeping it alive. Nice to see someone explaining things like this for no cost for themselves & just to help educate people. We need people like you up here in Auckland. Im new to your pages but really like what I see & read so far.

No Fuss! I had the privilege of being taught by Tony for many years, and was delighted to receive a copy of his recent book Educating Horses. Tony has perfectly transcribed his practical teaching methods into a simple, easily followed written form, and I can’t recommend it more highly. What I love about Tony and his methods, are the no-fuss, calm, balanced techniques that promote a partnership between rider and horse. My horses became an extension of myself, with no force or domination – merely a consistent, soft, methodical approach that formed years of harmony and achievement. Thank you for making this available for everyone to use Tony, your insight and years of experience will benefit riders and horses immensely. Helen Graves 17/7/13

 5 Stars

Coming from the UK where catching wild horses is not common, although not unknown, the method used in this book was unfamiliar to me, however, in a very short period of time I became extremely impressed by it.

The training and handling of the horse is carried out in a safe environment for both horse and handler, the lessons are taught in a kind but firm manner, methodically and consistently. This method of training teaches the horse to learn and accept new experiences, calmly, providing a good foundation for its future schooling.

There is a very good section for the rider with useful tips on how to improve riding skills, balance, and understanding of your horse.
I thought personally, that the chapter on reschooling was excellent. The author tackles problem horses in a practical way, tough love perhaps, but understandably very necessary, as anyone who has had experience of the strength and determination of these wonderful, majestic animals first hand will know.

The last few chapters are full of valuable information on boxing, shoeing, stitching tack, knots etc.

The author has a lifetime’s experience of training and riding horses and this has enabled him to write this invaluable book with its clear instructions and multitude of photographs.

In conclusion, I would recommend this very interesting book to anyone with a love of horses.

Susan Keefe, UK.
Author, Editor, Book Reviewer

 Fascinating read

Thank you ever so much for loaning me ‘Educating Horses’. As an avid equine enthusiast (yet one with little to no practical knowledge) I found it a thoroughly compelling and insightful read – So much so I read it from cover to cover in one sitting. The author’s obviously affection and admiration for horses shone through on every page and the tips provided were practical with well explained rationale (I shall no longer carry around my stash of sugar cubes when visiting my horses). I see the step-by-step guide as being extremely useful for anyone involved with the education of horses, especially once you told me it was to be produced spiral bound so sections can be taken to the horse’s mouth (so to speak). Thanks again for the fascinating read. – D